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About Us

Local with a Cheeky Twist

Wink Wink Food & Drink is a neighborhood restaurant and bar that takes its inspiration from Sarasota. Our menu is a modern spin on comfort food, combining local ingredients with flavors from tropical regions worldwide—all while keeping it fun and a bit cheeky!

Who We Are

At Wink Wink Food & Drink, we're inspired by the classic food and atmosphere of the 50s and 60s, like the chic supper clubs and breezy Tiki bars, but we serve it all up with a fun, modern twist. Our chef blends local ingredients and flavors reinvent old favorites, offering dishes that are both a nod to the past and a taste of the contemporary.

In our lounge and pool bar, you'll discover a thoughtful selection of classic cocktails, each with a playful name that perfectly reflects our easygoing vibe. This blend of past and present creates an ideal setting for everyone – families, friends, and anyone in between – to come together and enjoy the moment.

We're dedicated to ensuring the quality and creativity of our cuisine and drinks--we take them seriously so you don't have to.